Weekend Reads

What we’ll we be reading this weekend?

wendy's weekend

I don’t know if I will be reading much this weekend since I’m sleeping over at my sister’s house, but when I got some time to do some reading I would very much like to finish Faking It by Cora Cormack and start Open Road Summer by Emery Lord!


wendy's weekend (1).png

I’ve been reading The Winner’s Curse┬ásince like forever. I can’t force myself to continue in this book. That makes me want to finish it this weekend. Beside reading The Winner’s Curse I started in the Dutch version of The Royals. I’m reviewing it for my Dutch book blog. When I finally finished those two, I’m planning on reading Under the lights. I loved Until Friday Night so much that I want to continue the series.

But ugh I have to work on Saturday and going to my boyfriend later that day, but yay for an hour and a half reading time!


I hope you have a nice weekend like we do! Comment on what you are going to read this weekend.

we w


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