Behind the blog


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Well hello fellow booklovers!

Welcome on our blog: booklovers in crime. But who are we exactly?

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We’re Jaike & Wendy and we’re best friends. We live in┬áthe Netherlands, but actually live 91 kilometres away from eachother. It’s easy to manage, but sometimes we miss eachother dearly. I guess you could say that we’re an iconic duo. We’re crazy girls, but also very sweet. We like to do all kinds of things together, like travelling through the Netherlands, clubbing or shopping. But most important thing of all, reading, talking about books together and blogging! Jaike loves to read fantasy and marks it as her favorite genre, while Wendy’s favorite genre is contemporary. Jaike likes to call Wendy ‘The Contemporary Queen’. We both have our own blogs, Jaike: Jaike vs de Boeken and Wendy: Raising My Book. And funny thing is, we actually met eachother through our blogs! We love books and we love eachother: so we decided to make a blog together. And since we’re partners in crime, what better name than to call it Booklovers In Crime?

We hope you enjoy our blog and see you soon!!

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